Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 1-Verdict

Well Day 1 has come and is almost gone. I found my meals to be very filling and satisfying. But by the end of the night my cravings for sweet snacks was insane!! I had a green apple with some all "natural" Peanut Butter. I say "natural" because it was the best I could find at Walmart. Ingredients includes soybean oil but better then regular Skippy right? Did not satisfy my sugar craving. DID NOT. Then I had a small scoop of just peanut butter. That seemed to help a little.
My lunch was tacos. They were yummy!
Pinto beans
Red beans
Salsa (It was HOT)
all on Corn Tortillas. (Best ones at Walmart)

Dinner-was again yummy! Tacos again because I had so much leftover.
All above ingredients but I added some fresh guacamole. Mmmmmm!! Also skipped the HOT salsa and used some green sauce I had. :)

Snacks-I had chips (pretty good ones from Walmart Hernandez brand). With guac and apple with PB.

Most importantly I am NOT hungry. I just have munchies.

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